There is no secret or surprise in the lack of public buzz NCAA hoops generates during the summer months. With gridiron camps reconvening and the crazy free agent fiasco that we continue to see in the NBA, this is rightfully so.

HOWEVER- make no mistake, college basketball programs go extremely hard during the “summer season”. The best athletes are committed to getting stronger, faster and refining individual skills while staff members are driving and flying all over the world, relentlessly finding the newest pieces to join their teams in the endless pursuit of W’s. The average fan may not quite understand how much work is put into the summer and how these tireless efforts come to fruition in months to follow.

While it may be a little to early to make solid predictions for the upcoming year- one thing is certain. It is going to be a highly competitive season with MANY new front line faces.

NBA Effect on Men’s Hoops

On the men’s side, we saw one of the most highly anticipated NBA drafts in recent years. In the first round of 30 players, a whopping 16 of them came out of their colleges as freshman. Following that up were 6 sophomores, 3 juniors, 2 seniors and 3 internationals. It seems there are many programs around the county who will now look to some fresh faces to get established early.

Down Go The Huskies

On the women’s side- it was not just the women’s hoops community but quite frankly, it felt like the entire world was shocked on that fateful Friday night in Dallas. The Goliath of college basketball- the UCONN Huskies fell while playing in their tenth consecutive final four appearance. It is never fun to see hardworking young individuals loose- but that “anything can happen” cliche proves alive yet again.

The above are just two reasons as to why college hoopers are in full beast-mode right now at this very moment- and for hardwood junkies- this should excite you. There is plenty of off season motivation to keep anyone from feeling complacent. To fans young and old— sit tight and buckle up, college hoops is coming quick fast and in a hurry!

Amy Audibert

Amy Audibert a Niagara Falls native, has been covering a wide range of sports over the past five years. As a former captain for the Miami Hurricane’s women’s basketball program, Audibert offers an expertise on the hardwood. She covers both men’s and women’s college basketball as a color analyst. Audibert also works as a sideline reporter for Spectrum Sports, formerly Time Warner Cable Sports Channel, and has covered football, hockey, lacrosse and volleyball at collegiate level. During the NBA season, you can also catch Amy on select episodes for NBATV Canada’s “The Hangout”

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