Biggest Pet Peeves of Buffalo Sabres’ National Anthem Singer Doug Allen

by Jeff Wozer, Buffalo Sports Page Humorist

Sabres anthem singer Doug Allen is a Buffalo icon.  But sports humorist Jeff Wozer has some ideas about what may be bothering the pointing performer.

  • He has only the organist for pre-anthem soccer warm-ups.
  • The Pegula’s remain cool to the idea of him dressing in drag as Kate Smith and singing God    Bless America
  • Lauren Hall keeps rejecting his offers to join him on the ice for an “O Canada” duet.
  • Rental tuxedo shoes look lame.
  • Feels being pigeon holed as “that national anthem singer” is why he has yet to receive any Las Vegas offers.
  • During rehearsals the organist always arrives drunk and with Yoko Ono.
  • Given the Pegula’s Nashville connections it angers him to no end that they won’t give his phone number to Faith Hill.
  • When dining at Dave & Buster’s people constantly interrupt his meals asking if he wouldn’t mind singing the Star Spangled Banner before dropping quarters into restaurant’s Bubble Hockey machine.
  • Walking on to the ice without his national anthem set list.
  • Not as fun anymore when he used to sing while crazed on smelling salts.
  • During the taping of Inside the Blue & Gold segments he’s always asked to work as Brian Duff’s stunt-double.
  • He must share his national anthem singer locker room with the Zamboni driver.

For more of Jeff Wozer’s funny observations about Buffalo sports, visit his author’s section at Buffalo Sports Page.

Jeff Wozer

Nationally touring stand-up comedian Jeff Wozer has performed with some of comedy’s biggest acts – Martin Short, John Oliver, Brian Reagan – and on some of comedy’s biggest stages – Red Rocks Amphitheater, the Las Vegas strip, Great American Comedy Festival.

His humor articles have appeared in more than 40 publications including ESPN’s, Rocky Mountain Sports and the Explorer Club’s Explorer’s Journal.

Prior to veering into comedy he worked as a sports and news director for WFAD in Middlebury, Vermont where he won an Associated Press award for hockey play-by-play. And he spent two years as the play-by-play voice for the Vail Avalanche junior hockey team in Vail, Colorado.

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