The Very Early 2018 Fantasy Baseball Top 15 Rankings

by Tony Mrozik, Buffalo Sports Page Fantasy Baseball Expert

As the World Series between the Astros and Dodgers is about to begin, Tony Mrozik is already thinking about the 2018 season and which players you’ll want on your fantasy baseball team.

Mike Trout – 5-tool master who should get better as the Angels continue to add talented Hitters to their lineup.

Jose Altuve – Another 5-tool master in a potent Astros lineup.

Paul Goldschmdt – Consistency, high batting average and stolen bases separate him from the other first baseman.

Mookie Betts – If the Red Sox add a power hitter and a manager who can relate to the new generation of players, this ranking may be too low.

Nolan Arenado – Excels in Average and RBI’s. Third base a bit more crowded than other positions, so you could wait on the position, however hard to dispute what he brings to the game.

Bryce Harper – Waiting for the year he fully breaks out like Giancarlo Stanton this year. Derailed by freak injury near end of season and he should be ready by start of 2018 season.

Charlie Blackmon – Continues to improve with age. A talented hitter who has adapted his swing to consistently produce high average and Home Runs. Stolen bases have decreased with age but Average, runs, Home Runs and RBI’s are excellent.

Trea Turner – Just scratching the surface of his stolen base capabilities.

Carlos Correa – 5-tool master getting comfortable with major league pitchers and batting in a prime spot in a potent Astro’s lineup.

Giancarlo Stanton – talent is unquestioned, health is only issue. Trade to a hitters’ ballpark will increases his value.

Max Scherzer – Yes ahead of Clayton Kershaw. Consistentcy and lack of injuries.

Clayton Kershaw – Last 2 seasons shortened by back injury. Many pitches on his arm and he has indicated he may retire if the Dodger’s win the World Series.

Kris Bryant – I anticipate a rebound in 2018 and he is beginning his prime years.

Joey Votto – Best hitter in baseball. Like Goldschmidt produces the high average. As the Red’s add talented hitters and their young hitter mature, the RBI opportunities will increase.

Anthony Rizzo – Consistent and I anticipate a rebound in his batting average.


Tony Mrozik

Tony Mrozik is an accountant who combines his love for baseball and numbers to analyze baseball players and their statistics. He has been playing fantasy baseball since the days you would get your stats from the box scores in the daily paper. He annually plays in several fantasy baseball leagues.

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