Fantasy Baseball:  Trade Deadline Strategy

by Tony Mrozik, Buffalo Sports Page

This article focuses on the major league baseball’s trade deadline and strategies for the remainder of the season. Your fantasy baseball team can be greatly impacted by the trade deadline. Your closer may be traded to a contender and is now in a non-save role.  A starting pitcher may be traded to a contending team where their probability of wins is increased. A hitter may be traded to a team with a stronger lineup, where there are greater opportunities for RBI’s. Key is to understand the trade deadline’s impact on your team and other teams in your league.

Thus, an evaluation of the remainder of the season after the trade deadline is warranted. An understanding of the other teams in your league and league rules will serve you well. Do other teams tend to trade frequently, stand pat, not pay attention if they are not in contention or as football season approaches, or frequently work the waiver wire? This will assist in knowing whether there are trades to be made or players available on the waiver wire to help your team for the remainder of the season.

Where are you in your standings and what are the chances of holding on to your position or moving up? Should you try to make a run this year or play for next year if in a keeper league?

If you are seeking to move up in your standings, look at the categories where you have a realistic opportunity to make up ground in both rotisserie and points based leagues. If you are in the top of your standings, maybe a less risky approach is warranted. Seek players who are consistent. If you are attempting to move up in standings, taking on more risk may be what your team needs by acquiring younger or “boom or bust” players.

Some riskier players that I like for the second half:


Marcus Semien, SS Oakland A’s
Kyle Schwarber, OF Chicago Cubs
Nick Williams, OF Philadelphia Phillies
Paul DeJong, SS St. Louis Cardinals
Aaron Altherr, OF Philadelphia Phillies


Parker Bridwell LA Angels
Eduardo Rodriguez, Boston Red Sox
Luis Castillo, Cincinnati Reds
Luke Weaver, St. Louis Cardinals
Jaime Garcia, NY Yankees


Tony Mrozik

Tony Mrozik is an accountant who combines his love for baseball and numbers to analyze baseball players and their statistics. He has been playing fantasy baseball since the days you would get your stats from the box scores in the daily paper. He annually plays in several fantasy baseball leagues.

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