So, you thought Fantasy Baseball Season is over……

by Tony Mrozik, Buffalo Sports Page

This is the last weekend of Major League Baseball’s regular season so you might have thought it is also the end of the fantasy baseball season. Not a chance, fantasy baseball season is all year long.

Now is the ideal time to start preparing for next fantasy baseball season. We will be writing articles regularly during the baseball offseason on what trends have emerged from this season, what we have learned from this season and the impact on next fantasy baseball season.

We will be writing about the fantasy impact of the baseball playoffs, winter meetings and all major trades and free agent signings.

We will provide analysis on players who have emerged, regressed, and were injured during the 2017 season and what we can expect for 2018 along with player rankings.

We will provide information on the different fantasy baseball formats and strategy for each.

Stay tuned as we will get you ready for the 2018 fantasy baseball season.


Tony Mrozik

Tony Mrozik is an accountant who combines his love for baseball and numbers to analyze baseball players and their statistics. He has been playing fantasy baseball since the days you would get your stats from the box scores in the daily paper. He annually plays in several fantasy baseball leagues.

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