Fantasy Football Tips:  Week 11

by J.K. Karlson, Buffalo Sports Page Fantasy Football Expert

Week 11 is upon us. Most fantasy leagues have 3 or less games until the playoffs. You may be out of the running totally, but ruining someone else’s chance for a championship can sometimes feel almost as good as winning yourself – especially if it’s that “annoying Bob from accounting” or your college roommate who always loves to talk smack.

Regardless of why you want to, or NEED to win – you likely need to make a few more roster moves to get you to the finish line. This is the last BYE week of the season, so you want your roster to get you to the end after this week. Think long term when picking up a player to fill a roster spot, look at your player’s schedules for favorable match-ups that could get you big points in the final weeks, and finally – do not panic.

Keeping Greg Olsen all this time just to drop him now would make no sense. This is especially true if you’re in it for the long haul. No one wants to squeak into the playoffs just to get embarrassed the first week with a sub-par team. Doing extra research now can lead you to a trophy in the future. Go to your local sports bar, watch ALL of the games – see which players are catching fire later in the season. Note which players have fallen off. Simply trusting your fantasy app to tell you projected points is not going to cut it if you want to be #1.


Carson Wentz (Philadelphia)
Tom Brady (New England)
Alex Smith (Kansas City)
Russell Wilson (Seattle)
Drew Brees (New Orleans)
Derek Carr (Oakland)
Dak Prescott (Dallas)
Matthew Stafford (Detroit)
Jared Goff (Los Angeles Rams)
Kirk Cousins (Washington)


Kareem Hunt (Kansas City)
Todd Gurley (Los Angeles Rams)
Le’Veon Bell (Pittsburgh)
Leonard Fournette (Jacksonville)
Mark Ingram (New Orleans)
LeSean McCoy (Buffalo)
Melvin Gordon (Los Angeles Chargers)
Jordan Howard (Chicago)
Tevin Coleman (Atlanta)
DeMarco Murray (Tennessee)


Doug Baldwin (Seattle)
Tyreek Hill (Kansas City)
Antonio Brown (Pittsburgh)
Julio Jones (Atlanta)
Brandin Cooks (New England)
Michael Thomas (New Orleans)
Stefon Diggs (Minnesota)
A.J. Green (Cincinnati)
Dez Bryant (Dallas)
DeAndre Hopkins (Houston)


Evan Engram (New York Giants)
Travis Kelce (Kansas City)
Rob Gronkowski (New Orleans)
Zach Ertz (Philadelphia)
Jimmy Graham (Seattle)
Jared Cook (Oakland)
Vernon Davis (Washington)
Kyle Rudolph (Minnesota)
Cameron Brate (Tampa Bay)
Hunter Henry (Los Angeles Chargers)

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J.K. Karlson

J.K. Karlson is a connoisseur of football, actual and fantasy. Commissioner of her fantasy league and winner of championships. Charity work includes setting lineups for those in need and helping others reach their fantasy best.

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