Fantasy Football Report Week 7

by JK Karlson, Buffalo Sports Page Fantasy Expert

I’d like to start this week with a moment of silence for any fantasy team who had Aaron Rodgers at their helm. You lost a good man, but this doesn’t have to be a post-season ender for your team (though I can’t say that’s likely the case for the Packers). There are 32 starting QBs each week, HOPEFULLY you had a decent backup, but if not you can always pick up quarterbacks who are playing favorable defenses each week. This is not an ideal plan, but I did win a championship one year picking up Alex Smith (and he was NOT having the year he is now). If you have room on your roster go ahead and pick up Brent Hundley. Sure you may end up looking like a fool – but remember that a baby-faced Tom Brady started his first game after a Drew Bledsoe injury in September of 2001. Brady didn’t play great his first game, and I wouldn’t count on Hundley being your starter this week – but you never know what could develop. The Patriots did go to (and win) the Super Bowl that fateful year that started it all for New England’s current dynasty. I know I’m not making many friends waxing poetic about Tom Brady, but you can’t deny he is what he is – an all-time great.


Tom Brady, Matt Ryan (New England)
Carson Wentz (Philadelphia)
Drew Brees (New Orleans)
Dak Prescott (Dallas)
Cam Newton (Carolina)
Alex Smith (Kansas City)
Russell Wilson (Seattle)
Marcus Mariota (Tennessee)
Kirk Cousins (Washington)

*I wish A-A-Ron Rodgers a full recovery and good luck to Brent Hundley.


Kareem Hunt (Kansas City)
Devonta Freeman (Atlanta)
Leonard Fournette (Jacksonville)
Todd Gurley (Los Angeles Rams)
Melvin Gordon (Los Angeles Chargers)
Le’Veon Bell (Pittsburgh)
Jordan Howard (Chicago)
Doug Martin (Tampa Bay)
Carlos Hyde (San Francisco) 
LeSean McCoy (Buffalo)

*the Ezekiel Elliott suspension was postponed again after making this list. Expect Zeke to come ready to rock this week.


Julio Jones (Atlanta)
Antonio Brown (Pittsburgh)
A.J. Green (Cincinnati) 
Chris Hogan (New England)
Mike Evans (Tampa Bay)
Michael Thomas (New Orleans)
Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona)
Dez Bryant (Dallas)
Doug Baldwin (Seattle)
Brandin Cooks (New England)

*It’s not that I think you should SIT Jordy Nelson or Davante Adams (especially if you don’t have other wide receiver 1 options) but no one knows how this new Green Bay offense is going to hold up until we see some action, so they were let off the Top 10 this week.


Rob Gronkowski (New England)
Zach Ertz (Philadelphia)
Delanie Walker (Tennessee)
Hunter Henry (Los Angeles Chargers) 
Jimmy Graham (Seattle)
Travis Kelce (Kansas City)
Cameron Brate (Tampa Bay)
Evan Engram (New York Giants)
Kyle Rudolph (Minnesota)
Jordan Reed (Washington)

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J.K. Karlson

J.K. Karlson is a connoisseur of football, actual and fantasy. Commissioner of her fantasy league and winner of championships. Charity work includes setting lineups for those in need and helping others reach their fantasy best.

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