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  • Tony Fiorello


Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Today was an ugly win over the better-than-most-expected-to-be New York Jets, and there’s been a few of those kind of victories by the Buffalo Bills lately.

Yes, the play calling by offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey was questionable at times – I wholeheartedly agree with a statement I saw on Twitter saying there was less (window) dressing on the Bills’ offense than on a salad – Dane Jackson has still been God-awful lately (why the hell are Kaiir Elam and Xavier Rhodes on the bench?) and they were putrid on third down, but at the end of the day eking out a close win is a good thing for the Bills.

The further you get in the season – and especially in the playoffs – you rarely see blowouts. The games get tougher and tougher the more you see better competition, and knowing how bad the Bills’ record was a year ago in one-score games (they were 0-6 in 2021 including playoffs, 5-3 so far this year), these sort of experiences will only help Buffalo become mentally tougher come playoff time.

Learning how to deal with adversity is something everyone should learn how to do, whether it’s in sports or in real world situations. John Madden once had a quote saying “The road to Easy Street goes through the sewer”, and if the Bills want to make it to Easy Street, they’ll need to continue navigating through the sewer.

Nothing in life comes easy! Well except for people born into privilege, but I digress.

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