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  • Tony Fiorello


Updated: Sep 26, 2023

The main culprits for the Buffalo Bills’ season-opening loss to the New York Jets:

1. Josh Allen. Gotta take care of the football, you can’t win games if you keep losing the turnover battle and playing sloppy.

2 The offensive line was terrible. Especially Mitch Morse, I thought he had one of his worst games as a pro (that botched snap that led to Allen’s fumble was on Morse – Allen was surprised by the snap because Morse didn’t know what the snap count was). Granted it was against a pretty good defensive line, but still.

3. I know the 83-yard run by Breece Hall skews things, but I wasn’t a fan of the defense’s inability to stop the run. Gap assignments and tackling were issues all night long, plus they allowed Zach Wilson to escape a couple of sacks.

4. The punt coverage on the game-winning return was awful. Hardly anyone on the outside to cover the sidelines, and Sam Martin’s tackle attempt was embarrassingly pathetic. I get that he’s a punter (and punters and kickers aren’t asked to tackle people), but you don’t slap at a guy to bring him down. The NFL is tackle football, not a game of patty cake.

The Las Vegas Raiders next week, for all intents and purposes, should be a “get right” game for Buffalo. But if they don’t clean up these areas of their team quickly, it’ll be a long season.

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